75 Hilarious Jokes About Sloths That Will Make You Slow Down and Laugh

Are you a fan of the unhurried and gentle sloth? Perhaps you’ve been called a “sloth” yourself due to your relaxed demeanor. If so, prepare for an amusing and enlightening read about these endearing creatures!

With my love for animals and frequent visits to sloth sanctuaries, I’ve assembled a collection of 75 comical jokes that will bring joy to any day. From witty puns poking fun at their snail-like pace, to clever one-liners that highlight their peculiar lifestyle (like how they only go number two once per week), this article is sure to bring on the giggles.

But wait – there’s more! I’ll also share intriguing facts about sloths that you may not have known before. Did you realize there are two distinct types with unique behavioral patterns? Or that they can rotate their heads almost completely around thanks to specialized vertebrae in their necks?

This piece is perfect for animal lovers or anyone who needs some lighthearted entertainment. So pour yourself a cuppa joe (or perhaps something stronger if you’re feeling as chill as our fuzzy friends) and join me on a journey into the magical realm of sloths!

List of Jokes About Sloths

jokes about sloths

1. Why did the sloth bring a ladder to the party? Because it heard the drinks were on the house!
2. What do you call a fast sloth? An oxymoron!
3. Why don’t sloths exercise? They say slow and steady wins the race!
4. How do sloths like to communicate? Through sloth-mail!
5. What did the sloth say when it won the lottery? “I’ll get around to spending it eventually.”
6. Why are sloths always so calm? Because they know how to hang in there!
7. What’s a sloth’s favorite day of the week? Sloth-urday!
8. How do sloths greet each other? “Hi, sloth-ly does it!”
9. What do you call a sloth that can pick locks? A slow burglar!
10. How do sloths navigate the internet? Very slooooowly!
11. Why did the sloth refuse to change its clothes? It didn’t want to put on a new leaf!
12. What’s a sloth’s favorite type of music? Slow jams!
13. Why did the sloth go to art school? It wanted to learn the art of slow-motion!
14. What did the sloth say to the turtle? “I’ll race you… someday.”
15. Why don’t sloths like coffee? Because it always gets them in hot water!
16. How do sloths make important decisions? By taking it slow and steady!
17. What do you call a sloth who loves to bowl? A slow roller!
18. Why did the sloth become a yoga instructor? It mastered the art of extreme relaxation!
19. What’s a sloth’s favorite dance move? The sloth shuffle!
20. How did the sloth win the marathon? It took a shortcut through the snail’s trail!

jokes about sloths

21. Why did the sloth start a band? It heard they could play at their own pace!
22. How do you keep a sloth entertained? Give it a sloth puzzle—it’ll solve it eventually!
23. What did the sloth say when it got a promotion? “Looks like I’m moving up… slowly.”
24. What’s a sloth’s favorite game console? The SlothStation!
25. Why don’t sloths make good detectives? They’re always a bit slow on the case!
26. What’s a sloth’s favorite type of movie? Slow-mances!
27. Why did the sloth take a nap in the fireplace? It wanted to sleep like a log!
28. How did the sloth become a detective? It was good at finding slow clues!
29. What’s a sloth’s favorite type of tree? Anything with slow-grown branches!
30. Why do sloths always carry an umbrella? In case of sloth-storms!
31. How do sloths say hello? They give a slow-motion wave!
32. What’s a sloth’s favorite card game? Slowitaire!
33. Why did the sloth go to the comedy club? It heard there would be lots of slow-pokes!
34. How do sloths send text messages? Sloth-ically!
35. What did the sloth say to the speedy hare? “I’m slow, but I’ll catch up… eventually.”
36. Why don’t sloths ever get into arguments? They prefer to sloth things out!
37. What do you call a sloth that becomes a lawyer? A slow-ge!
38. Why did the sloth become a chef? It loved to take things slow and savor the flavors!
39. What’s a sloth’s favorite winter sport? Slothboarding!
40. How do sloths like to relax? Slothfully!

jokes about sloths

41. Why did the sloth become a librarian? It enjoyed the peace and sloth-itude of the library!
42. What do sloths do for fun? Take long, slothful strolls!
43. How did the sloth become a painter? It was drawn to the slow and steady strokes!
44. What’s a sloth’s favorite kind of ice cream? Anything with a slow churn!
45. Why did the sloth start a garden? It loved watching things grow… very, very slowly!
46. How do sloths celebrate their birthdays? With sloth-day parties, of course!
47. What did the sloth say to the cheetah? “Slow down and enjoy life!”
48. Why don’t sloths like spicy food? It’s too fast for their taste buds!
49. What’s a sloth’s favorite video game? Slothout!
50. How do sloths get in shape? They take sloth-fitness classes!
51. What do you call a group of sloths playing instruments? A slow-jam band!
52. Why did the sloth open a bakery? It wanted to serve slow-rising bread!
53. What’s a sloth’s favorite car? Anything with a slow speed limit!
54. Why did the sloth become a teacher? It enjoyed seeing slow progress in students!
55. How do sloths study for exams? Slothfully!
56. What do you call a sloth with a karate black belt? A slow-bow!
57. Why did the sloth go to the doctor? It had a slow fever!
58. What’s a sloth’s favorite board game? Snail and Ladders!
59. How do sloths enjoy roller coasters? Slooooowly!
60. Why don’t sloths ever feel lonely? They’re experts at hanging out!

jokes about sloths

61. What did the sloth say when it won a race? “I can’t believe I got here… eventually.”
62. What’s a sloth’s favorite type of cookie? Slow-baked snickerdoodles!
63. How do sloths handle stress? They take it one slow moment at a time!
64. Why did the sloth start a bakery? It loved kneading dough at a slow pace!
65. What’s a sloth’s favorite holiday? Slow-ween!
66. Why don’t sloths ever miss their appointments? They’re always right on sloth-edule!
67. What do you call a sloth with a jetpack? A fast-sloth!
68. How do sloths play hide and seek? They take their sweet time finding the perfect spot!
69. Why did the sloth become a weather reporter? It was great at predicting sloth-er patterns!
70. What’s a sloth’s favorite fruit? Anything that falls slowly from the tree!
71. How do sloths measure time? With a sloth-watch, of course!
72. Why did the sloth become a therapist? It was good at helping others slow down!
73. What do sloths wear to stay warm? Sloth-ers!
74. How do sloths solve problems? They put their thinking on sloth-mode!
75. Why did the sloth become a marathon runner? It was determined to prove that slow and steady wins the race!

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