Hey there, my name is Alex and I’m the founder of Discover Jokes. I created this website because I love to laugh and I believe that everyone deserves a good chuckle.

I know how stressful life can be, and sometimes we just need to take a break and enjoy a moment of humor. That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to finding the best jokes, memes, and videos on the internet and bringing them to you all in one place.

At Discover Jokes, you can find a wide variety of humor that will make you smile, no matter what your sense of humor is. Our team of expert joke writer works hard to find the funniest content out there, so you don’t have to spend hours searching for a laugh.

We update our website regularly, so you can always find fresh and funny content. And we’re not just a one-way street – our community of users is always sharing their favorite jokes and engaging in lively discussions about what makes them laugh.

I truly believe that laughter is the best medicine, and I hope that Discover Jokes can brighten your day and put a smile on your face. So take a break, browse our website, and enjoy the power of humor.

Alex Haywood


Alex Haywood, Founder of Discover Jokes

Hi there! My name is Alex Haywood, and I’m the founder of this website.

It all started when I was a kid. My grandfather was a notorious prankster and loved to tell jokes. He’d always have us in stitches, and I remember thinking how powerful humor was – it could turn a bad day into a good one, and a good one into a great one.

After years of consuming and creating humor, I realized that I wanted to share it with the world. That’s how DiscoverJokes.com was born. I wanted to create a platform where people could come together and share their love of humor.

If you can’t find a joke you’re looking for, feel free to email me at hello@discoverjokes[dot]com or through the contact form!