75 Hilarious Jokes About One Eye That Will Make You See Double

Hey there, friend! Let’s face it, a good laugh is priceless. However, finding the perfect joke that will tickle your funny bone can be quite tricky at times. Well, have no fear my dear one-eyed buddies!

I’ve done all the digging for you and rounded up 75 side-splitting jokes about having just one eye that are guaranteed to leave you seeing double with laughter – in a good way of course!

List of Jokes About One Eye


jokes about one eye


1. Why did the cyclops bring a ladder to the bar? Because he heard the drinks were on the house!
2. What did the pirate with one eye say to the bartender? I see you’ve got me “eye” on the rum!
3. Why did the one-eyed cat become a detective? Because it was good at “keeping an eye” on things!
4. How does a one-eyed person go skydiving? Very carefully, and with a lot of depth perception!
5. What did the one-eyed chef say when asked about his secret recipe? It’s all about “eye” seasoning!
6. Why was the one-eyed monster terrible at hide-and-seek? Because it couldn’t find “eye” with two hands!
7. Why did the one-eyed football player make a great quarterback? He had excellent “depth perception” of the field!
8. How did the one-eyed rooster win the singing competition? He had a “bird’s eye” view of the notes!
9. What did the one-eyed alien say to the earthling? Take me to your “monocular” leader!
10. Why was the one-eyed golfer so successful? He always had his “eye” on the ball!
11. What did the one-eyed gardener say about his prized flower? It’s the “apple of my eye”!
12. How did the one-eyed astronaut feel during the space mission? Out of this “world”!
13. Why did the one-eyed person start a fashion trend of wearing an eyepatch? They wanted to be the “center of eye-attention”!
14. What did the one-eyed banana say to the other banana? Peel me, I’m “apeeling”!
15. Why did the one-eyed scientist study optics? To gain a “clearer perspective” on vision!
16. How does a one-eyed person navigate a maze? With a lot of “eye” for detail!
17. What did the one-eyed fish say to the fisherman? Don’t “sea” me coming!
18. Why did the one-eyed athlete excel at archery? They had a natural “focus” on the target!
19. What did the one-eyed potato say to its friends? I’ve got my “eye” on you!
20. Why was the one-eyed baker so skilled? They always had a “roll” in the oven!

jokes about one eye


21. What did the one-eyed artist say about their painting? It’s a true “sight” to behold!
22. Why did the one-eyed tree hire a bodyguard? It didn’t want to lose its “pine” of sight!
23. How did the one-eyed computer programmer debug their code? They had a keen “eye” for errors!
24. What did the one-eyed bee say to its friends? Let’s “bee” the best!
25. Why did the one-eyed singer have a successful career? They had a “vision” for their music!
26. What did the one-eyed construction worker say on the job? I’m always “building” a better future!
27. How did the one-eyed pirate become the captain of the ship? They had great “sight” for leadership!
28. Why did the one-eyed soccer player always score goals? They never lost sight of the “net”!
29. What did the one-eyed mountain climber say at the peak? I reached the “top” of the world!
30. Why did the one-eyed comedian have a successful career? They always had an “eye” for humor!
31. How did the one-eyed detective solve the case? They had a “sharp” eye for details!
32. What did the one-eyed fireman say at the burning building? I’ll keep an “eye” on things!
33. Why did the one-eyed singer refuse to perform at the opera? They didn’t want to be a “sight” for sore eyes!
34. How did the one-eyed scientist conduct their experiments? With a great “focus” on the results!
35. What did the one-eyed flower say to the bee? Pollen me, I’m “eye”-resistible!
36. Why was the one-eyed mathematician so successful? They had a “calculated” approach to problem-solving!
37. How did the one-eyed dentist take care of their patients? With a keen “eye” for dental health!
38. What did the one-eyed astronaut say on their mission to Mars? One small step for a man, one “giant leap” for me!
39. Why did the one-eyed cyclist always win races? They had great “perspective” on the track!
40. How did the one-eyed magician perform their tricks? With an “eye”-llusionary technique!

jokes about one eye


41. What did the one-eyed bird say to its flock? I’ve got my “eye” on the prize!
42. Why was the one-eyed librarian excellent at finding books? They knew how to “spot” the right ones!
43. How did the one-eyed basketball player excel on the court? They had a great “vision” for the game!
44. What did the one-eyed dancer say about their performance? I was “spot on” with every move!
45. Why did the one-eyed comedian wear an eyepatch? They wanted to keep their jokes “in sight”!
46. How did the one-eyed artist create such detailed paintings? They had an “eye” for precision!
47. What did the one-eyed dog say to its owner? I’m “pawsitively” loyal!
48. Why did the one-eyed athlete always finish first in races? They never lost “sight” of the finish line!
49. How did the one-eyed chef prepare the perfect dish? With a “pinch” of precision!
50. What did the one-eyed marathon runner say at the finish line? I “saw” it coming!
51. Why was the one-eyed tailor so skilled? They had great “seam” vision!
52. How did the one-eyed barber give perfect haircuts? With an “eye” for style!
53. What did the one-eyed dentist say to their patient? Keep an “eye” on your oral hygiene!
54. Why did the one-eyed musician excel at playing the guitar? They had great “fingerstyle”!
55. How did the one-eyed teacher keep their students engaged? They had an “eye” for interactive lessons!
56. What did the one-eyed chef say about their signature dish? It’s a “sight” to savor!
57. Why did the one-eyed golfer have a hole-in-one every time? They had an “eye” for precision shots!
58. How did the one-eyed photographer capture stunning pictures? With a unique “perspective”!
59. What did the one-eyed scientist say during their breakthrough discovery? I’ve “seen” the truth!
60. Why was the one-eyed tailor’s work always on point? They had great “stitch” vision!

jokes about one eye


61. How did the one-eyed engineer design impressive structures? With an “eye” for stability!
62. What did the one-eyed dog say when it found a bone? I’ve got my “eye” on a treat!
63. Why was the one-eyed athlete always confident in competitions? They had unwavering “sight”!
64. How did the one-eyed gardener maintain a beautiful garden? With meticulous “attention”!
65. What did the one-eyed surgeon say in the operating room? I’ve got a “clear view”!
66. Why did the one-eyed teacher make learning fun? They had an “eye” for engaging activities!
67. How did the one-eyed chef create a masterpiece dessert? With an “eye” for sweet perfection!
68. What did the one-eyed pilot say during takeoff? Ready for “flight”!
69. Why was the one-eyed carpenter so skilled with woodworking? They had great “saw” eye!
70. How did the one-eyed hairdresser give the perfect haircut? With “shear” precision!
71. What did the one-eyed firefighter say when putting out a fire? I’ve got it “under control”!
72. Why did the one-eyed musician prefer playing the piano? It was a “key” instrument to their success!
73. How did the one-eyed artist bring their imagination to life? With an “eye” for creativity!
74. What did the one-eyed banker say about financial investments? It’s all about a “vision” for profit!
75. Why did the one-eyed athlete excel at long jump? They had great “leap” depth perception!




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