75 Hilarious Jokes About Asthma That Will Leave You Breathless (In a Good Way)

Have you ever found yourself feeling down and out because of your asthma? Are you longing to laugh again and feel good about yourself? Trust me when I say, I completely understand.

Being an asthmatic myself, I’ve felt the overwhelming worry that comes with not being able to take a deep breath. But here’s the thing – don’t give up hope just yet!

List of Jokes About Asthma


jokes about asthma


1. Why did the asthmatic athlete become a comedian? Because he knew how to deliver a punchline without losing his breath!
2. What do you call a fish with asthma? Gasp-er!
3. Why did the asthmatic musician become a rockstar? Because he could play a mean air guitar!
4. How does an asthmatic rabbit exercise? By hopping on an inhaler coaster!
5. What do you call an asthmatic cow? A wheezy beef!
6. Why did the asthmatic golfer bring his inhaler to the course? For a breath of fresh air!
7. How did the asthmatic dog describe his condition? Paws-atively challenging!
8. What did the asthmatic tree say to the wind? Blow somewhere else, I need my breathing space!
9. Why did the asthmatic chef become a pizza maker? Because he could take deep “dough” breaths!
10. What do you call an asthmatic comedian’s favorite tool? An inhaler-y!
11. Why did the asthmatic bookkeeper prefer a quiet office? Because he needed an atmosphere with fewer air quotes!
12. How do asthmatic ducks communicate? By using wheezes!
13. What did the asthmatic bee say to its hive mates? “Bee-there in a second, just catching my breath!”
14. Why did the asthmatic mathematician prefer odd numbers? Because they were easier to count while gasping!
15. How do asthmatic magicians perform their tricks? With a lot of huff and presto!
16. What do you call an asthmatic soccer player’s favorite move? The wheeze-kick!
17. Why did the asthmatic hiker prefer flat trails? Because he didn’t want to get breathless with a hill-ness!
18. How did the asthmatic computer programmer handle coding? With Ctrl+B (Control-Breath) shortcuts!
19. What do you call an asthmatic vampire? A Count Inhaler!
20. Why did the asthmatic gardener always carry a potted plant? For extra oxygen on the go!

jokes about asthma


21. How did the asthmatic detective solve crimes? By following the “sigh” clues!
22. What do you call an asthmatic lion? A wheezy roar-er!
23. Why did the asthmatic astronaut love spacewalks? Because he could breathe easy without gravity weighing him down!
24. How did the asthmatic beekeeper manage his bees? By wearing a buzz-ma!
25. What do you call an asthmatic teacher’s favorite subject? Breathematics!
26. Why did the asthmatic penguin join a choir? To learn how to catch his breath!
27. How did the asthmatic barber style hair? With plenty of hair-spray and air-monic scissors!
28. What do you call an asthmatic pirate? A wheezy buccaneer!
29. Why did the asthmatic painter prefer landscapes? Because he needed fresh air for inspiration!
30. How did the asthmatic comedian handle hecklers? With a quick inhalation of laughter!
31. What do you call an asthmatic car? A “wheeze-mobile”!
32. Why did the asthmatic mime have a hard time performing? Because he couldn’t hold his breath for long!
33. How did the asthmatic astronaut train for space missions? By practicing inhaler-o-nautics!
34. What do you call an asthmatic plumber’s favorite tool? An air wrench!
35. Why did the asthmatic farmer prefer growing herbs? Because they helped him breathe easy!
36. How did the asthmatic journalist handle breaking news? With an “exhale”-usive story!
37. What do you call an asthmatic turtle? A wheezy shell-dweller!
38. Why did the asthmatic chef prefer to work in a well-ventilated kitchen? Because he couldn’t take the heat, especially without air!
39. How did the asthmatic astronaut communicate with mission control? Through wheeze-craft systems!
40. What do you call an asthmatic acrobat? A breath-taking performer!

jokes about asthma


41. Why did the asthmatic hairdresser love styling wigs? Because they didn’t take his breath away!
42. How did the asthmatic pirate find treasure? By following the wheezy sea!
43. What do you call an asthmatic superhero? Wheeze Woman or Inhalerman!
44. Why did the asthmatic baker prefer making doughnuts? Because they had a lot of “hole”-some air inside!
45. How did the asthmatic news anchor deliver the headlines? With short gasp-y sentences!
46. What do you call an asthmatic construction worker? A wheezy builder!
47. Why did the asthmatic ghost have trouble haunting? Because it couldn’t say “Boo!” without wheezing!
48. How did the asthmatic firefighter handle emergencies? With quick inhalations and wheeze-power!
49. What do you call an asthmatic composer’s greatest symphony? The Breath-taking Sonata!
50. Why did the asthmatic cyclist prefer downhill rides? Because he needed the breeze to breathe!
51. How did the asthmatic scientist conduct experiments? With a lot of controlled breath-in!
52. What do you call an asthmatic drummer’s favorite beat? The wheeze and snare!
53. Why did the asthmatic mechanic become a car tuner? Because he knew how to make engines breathe better!
54. How did the asthmatic race car driver handle high speeds? With turbo-charged inhalations!
55. What do you call an asthmatic marathon runner? A wheezy racer!
56. Why did the asthmatic astronomer love stargazing? Because the vastness of the universe took his breath away!
57. How did the asthmatic actor deliver lines on stage? With well-rehearsed gasps!
58. What do you call an asthmatic librarian’s favorite book genre? Wheezing and adventure!
59. Why did the asthmatic fashion designer prefer loose-fitting clothes? Because they allowed for easy breathing and style!
60. How did the asthmatic chef handle spicy food? With extra inhalations of cool air!

jokes about asthma


61. What do you call an asthmatic DJ’s favorite music genre? Electronic “wheez-ic”!
62. Why did the asthmatic lawyer prefer out-of-court settlements? Because they avoided lengthy arguments and breathlessness!
63. How did the asthmatic artist create masterpieces? With paintbrushes and well-timed breaths!
64. What do you call an asthmatic pilot? A wheezy aviator!
65. Why did the asthmatic gym trainer focus on breathing exercises? Because he believed in the power of “in-hale-ation”!
66. How did the asthmatic chef handle smoky kitchens? By taking “breath-ing” breaks!
67. What do you call an asthmatic composer’s magnum opus? The Symphony of Wheezes!
68. Why did the asthmatic engineer prefer working with fans? Because they helped improve airflow!
69. How did the asthmatic photographer capture beautiful images? With well-timed breaths between clicks!
70. What do you call an asthmatic dancer’s signature move? The breathless twirl!
71. Why did the asthmatic pilot prefer flying during springtime? Because of the blooming air!
72. How did the asthmatic teacher handle rowdy students? By taking a deep breath and counting to ten!
73. What do you call an asthmatic circus performer? A wheezy trapeze artist!
74. Why did the asthmatic engineer design a wind turbine? To harness the power of wheezes and generate clean energy!
75. How did the asthmatic adventurer explore the wilderness? With a trusty inhaler and a sense of wheezy wonder!




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