75 Hilarious Jokes About Superheroes That Will Save Your Day!

Hey there, superhero enthusiasts! If you’re looking for a good old-fashioned laugh-fest, you’ve stumbled across the perfect spot. I’ve hunted high and low throughout the vast expanse of cyberspace to gift you with a collection of 75 hilarious jokes about your beloved caped crusaders that are guaranteed to brighten up your day. As someone who genuinely believes that humor is the best medicine, let me tell you – these jokes will have you grinning from ear to ear in no time! It doesn’t matter if you swear allegiance to Marvel or DC, there’s something here for everyone. So kick back, relax, and prepare for some super-powered hilarity!

List of Jokes About Superheroes


jokes about superheroes


1. Why did Spider-Man join the circus? Because he wanted to improve his web-slinging skills!
2. What do you call Batman when he skips church? Christian Bale!
3. How does Iron Man like his coffee? With just a little bit of “Fe”!
4. Why did Thor bring his hammer to the poker game? Because he was looking for a good “bluff”!
5. What do you call it when Aquaman throws a party? A “splash” bash!
6. Why did Black Widow join the theater group? Because she’s a master of “disguise”!
7. How does Superman’s hairstylist work? With a pair of “krypton” scissors!
8. What did Hulk say when he finished eating his dinner? “I’m full! Hulk no longer hungry!”
9. Why did the Flash take a break from crime-fighting? Because he needed to “recharge” his batteries!
10. How does Wonder Woman keep her uniform wrinkle-free? She uses her “lasso of pressing”!
11. What do you call it when Batman skips school? Dark Knight Absenteeism!
12. Why did Spider-Man become a photographer? Because he wanted to capture “web-shots”!
13. How does Captain America measure his success? With “inch” and “shield” marks!
14. What’s Batman’s favorite fruit? “Justice” berries!
15. Why did the Invisible Woman join a magic show? Because she wanted to show off her “vanishing” skills!
16. How does Ant-Man communicate with insects? Through “ant-ennas”!
17. What did Superman say to Batman when they were stuck in traffic? “Don’t worry, I’ll fly us out of here!”
18. Why did Wolverine start a garden? Because he wanted to grow “claws” of flowers!
19. How does Green Lantern make his bed? With “will” power!
20. What’s Iron Man’s favorite song? “I’m a Solder” by the Bee Gees!

jokes about superheroes


21. Why did Aquaman bring his wallet to the beach? Because he wanted to pay for the “sea” food!
22. How does Hulk order at a restaurant? He tells the waiter, “Hulk smash… some fries and a milkshake!”
23. What do you call a superhero who can fix anything? The “handy” man!
24. Why did Black Widow start a bakery? Because she wanted to make some “sweet” web pastries!
25. How does Thor keep his hair so shiny? With “Mjolnir” conditioner!
26. What did Spider-Man say to Iron Man at the car dealership? “I’m web-slinging towards the sporty model!”
27. Why did Batman become a detective? Because he always “Robin” the spotlight!
28. How does Ant-Man solve math problems? He “shrinks” them down to size!
29. What’s Captain America’s favorite snack? “Red, White, and “Blue”berries!
30. Why did Superman start a fashion line? Because he wanted to put the “super” in “supermodel”!
31. How does the Flash tell time? By “running” his eyes over the clock!
32. What’s Batman’s favorite type of music? “Justice” metal!
33. Why did Spider-Man start a tech company? Because he wanted to create the next “web” sensation!
34. How does the Hulk make a salad? By “tossing” everything into the bowl!
35. What do you call it when Batman skips dessert? Dark Knight dieting!
36. Why did Iron Man go on a diet? Because he wanted to shed some “iron” pounds!
37. How does Aquaman communicate with sea creatures? Through “shell” phones!
38. What did Superman say to Wonder Woman when she asked for his opinion? “Your idea is super, woman!”
39. Why did Thor bring his pet snake to work? Because he wanted to add a little “Loki” to the office!
40. How does Spider-Man style his hair? With “web” gel!

jokes about superheroes


41. What’s Batman’s favorite ice cream flavor? “Justice” chocolate chip!
42. Why did Black Widow start a fitness club? Because she knows the best “web” exercises!
43. How does Iron Man handle a broken heart? With a “heart” reactor!
44. What did Hulk say when someone called him green? “Hulk not just green, Hulk also angry!”
45. Why did Thor take his hammer to the movies? Because he heard it was a “smash” hit!
46. How does Aquaman style his hair underwater? With “sea” salt spray!
47. What’s Captain America’s favorite dance move? The “star-spangled shuffle”!
48. Why did Superman visit the bank? Because he wanted to check his “super” savings!
49. How does Batman enjoy his vacations? In “bat”hs of relaxation!
50. What did Spider-Man say to his girlfriend? “You’re my amazing “Mary Jane”!
51. Why did Hulk start a band? Because he wanted to “smash” the music industry!
52. How does Black Widow handle stressful situations? With “spy” therapy!
53. What’s Iron Man’s favorite exercise? “Iron” squats!
54. Why did Thor open a bakery? Because he kneaded the dough!
55. How does Superman stay cool in the summer? He wears “super” shades!
56. What did Batman say to Robin when they were late for school? “Let’s “Batmobile” out of here!”
57. Why did Spider-Man become a librarian? Because he loves catching “bookworms”!
58. How does Aquaman fix his broken furniture? With “sea” glue!
59. What’s Captain America’s favorite holiday? The “4th of “July”!
60. Why did Hulk start a recycling program? Because he wanted to “smash” pollution!

jokes about superheroes


61. How does Iron Man relax after a long day? He puts on his “steel” toes and kicks back!
62. What did Black Widow say to her enemy? “You’ve been caught in my “web” of deception!”
63. Why did Thor become a comedian? Because he knew how to deliver a “mighty” punchline!
64. How does Superman style his hair? With “super” gel!
65. What’s Batman’s favorite party game? “Dark Knight” charades!
66. Why did Spider-Man go on a roller coaster? Because he wanted to feel the “web-slinging” thrill!
67. How does Aquaman keep his skin moisturized? With “sea” algae face masks!
68. What did Hulk say to Thor during their arm-wrestling match? “You’re in for a “Hulk” of a challenge!”
69. Why did Iron Man start a vineyard? Because he wanted to make “Iron” Man wine!
70. How does Wonder Woman handle a bad hair day? With a “lasso of taming”!
71. What’s Captain America’s favorite dessert? “Patriotic” apple pie!
72. Why did Superman join a choir? Because he had a “super” voice!
73. How does Batman choose his outfits? He goes through his “bat” wardrobe!
74. What did Spider-Man say to his friend at the gym? “Let’s work on our “web” muscles!”
75. Why did Hulk become a gardener? Because he wanted to see things “green” and grow!




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