75 Hilarious Jokes About States That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Hey there, humor enthusiasts! Are you down for a good laugh? If you’re also keen on discovering some hilarious punchlines about various states across the US, look no further!

As a proud member of the laughter club – both as a giver and receiver – I’ve dedicated endless hours to exploring every corner of the internet in search of rib-tickling jokes.
And guess what? Today’s your lucky day because I’m thrilled to present 75 side-splitting jokes that will have you rolling on the floor in no time!

List of Jokes About States


jokes about states


1. Why did Alabama start a bakery? Because it kneaded more dough!
2. What do you call a cow with no legs in Alaska? Ground beef!
3. Why did the tomato turn red in Arizona? Because it saw the salad dressing!
4. What do you get when you cross a California surfer with Idaho potatoes? A gnarly mash!
5. Why did the scarecrow win an award in Colorado? Because it was outstanding in its field!
6. How does a Connecticut vampire like his steak? Well-done, with a nice, big garlic knot!
7. What did Delaware say to New Jersey? Nothing, it couldn’t find it on the map!
8. Why did Florida go to the bank? To check its “liquid” assets!
9. How does a Georgia peach answer the phone? “Yellow!”
10. Why did Hawaii invite California to the luau? They heard it was a real “hotspot”!
11. What’s Idaho’s favorite exercise? Spud-ups!
12. Why did Illinois go to the doctor? It was feeling “ill”!
13. What did Indiana say to Ohio? “I’m Indy-another win!”
14. Why did Iowa bring a ladder to the bar? It heard the drinks were on the house!
15. How does Kansas greet its friends? With a “sunflower” smile!
16. Why did Kentucky get a boat? To “float” like a butterfly and “sting” like a bee!
17. What did Louisiana say when it found out it won the lottery? “Laissez les bon temps rouler!”
18. Why did Maine put its money in the freezer? It wanted cold, hard cash!
19. How does Maryland eat its seafood? With “crab-itude”!
20. What’s Massachusetts’ favorite type of coffee? Boston brew!

jokes about states


21. Why did Michigan go to the dentist? It needed to fix its “tooth” transmission!
22. What’s Minnesota’s favorite kind of music? Minne-snow-ta!
23. Why did Mississippi become a teacher? Because it wanted to “school” everyone!
24. How does Missouri measure its success? With a “Show-Me” ruler!
25. What did Montana say to California? “You can’t “mount” the pressure like I can!”
26. Why did Nebraska go to the library? To find its “state” of mind!
27. What did Nevada say when it won big at the casino? “Vegas, baby!”
28. Why did New Hampshire become an actor? It wanted to “star” in its own show!
29. How does New Jersey like its pizza? “Jersey style” with lots of attitude!
30. What do you call a happy New Mexico? A “Santa Fe”liz!
31. Why did New York go to art school? It wanted to draw attention to itself!
32. What did North Carolina say when it won the basketball game? “We’re “Tar Heel”ing good!”
33. How does North Dakota keep warm in the winter? With “fargo” coats!
34. Why did Ohio join a band? It wanted to be a “Cincinnati” musician!
35. What’s Oklahoma’s favorite type of dance? Line “dust”ing!
36. Why did Oregon bring a map to the park? It wanted to “trail” behind!
37. What did Pennsylvania say when it saw a rainbow? “I’m feeling “philly”-cious!”
38. How does Rhode Island like its seafood? Small and “quahog”!
39. Why did South Carolina go to the gym? To work on its southern “belle-y”!
40. What’s South Dakota’s favorite kind of ice cream? Mount “rush”!

jokes about states


41. Why did Tennessee become a magician? It wanted to “Memphis-ize” its audience!
42. How does Texas say hello? “Howdy, y’all!”
43. What’s Utah’s favorite type of music? “Salt” rock!
44. Why did Vermont bring a ladder to the bar? It heard the drinks were on the “maple”!
45. What did Virginia say when it won the race? “Richmond is “capitol”-tastic!”
46. Why did Washington become a gardener? It wanted to “rain” supreme over the flowers!
47. How does West Virginia like its coffee? With a little “mountain” dew!
48. What did Wisconsin say when it won the cheese competition? “That was a gouda one!”
49. Why did Wyoming bring a pillow to the party? It wanted to “rest” of the crowd!
50. How does the District of Columbia stay organized? With a “monu-mental” calendar!
51. What do you call a happy state capital? A “cheery”!
52. Why did the state park go to therapy? It had too many “emotional landscapes”!
53. How does the state fair decide what games to have? They put it to a “vote-ation”!
54. What did the state highway say to the country road? “You’re just “gravel”-ous!”
55. Why did the state legislature become comedians? They wanted to “punch line” the budget!
56. How does the state clock keep time? With “second”-hand precision!
57. What do you call a state that loves Shakespeare? Bard-core!
58. Why did the state zoo open a penguin exhibit? They wanted to “flipper” out!
59. How does the state theater handle comedy shows? With a lot of “applause”!
60. What did the state bridge say to the river? “I’m arch-“itect”ural!”

jokes about states


61. Why did the state university start a gardening club? They wanted to “cultivate” knowledge!
62. How does the state beach stay clean? With a lot of “shore” effort!
63. What did the state museum say when it got a new exhibit? “This is “exhibit”-ing!”
64. Why did the state stadium become a music venue? They wanted to “amplify” the experience!
65. How does the state hospital treat patients? With a lot of “care”!
66. What did the state bookstore say to the customer? “You’re “book”-tastic!”
67. Why did the state gym become a boxing ring? They wanted to “knockout” the competition!
68. How does the state farm grow its crops? With a lot of “agri-culture”!
69. What did the state aquarium say to the fish? “You’re “fin”-tastic!”
70. Why did the state concert hall hire a conductor? They wanted to “orchestrate” the performances!
71. How does the state bakery make its bread? With a lot of “knead”!
72. What did the state observatory say to the stars? “You’re “stellar”!”
73. Why did the state zoo hire a panda? They wanted to “bamboo” the visitors!
74. How does the state airport handle flights? With a lot of “takeoff”!
75. What did the state courthouse say to the judge? “You’re “order”-ific!”




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