75 Hilarious Jokes About Massachusetts That Will Make You Love the Bay State Even More

Hey, folks! Are you ready to chuckle your way through the history and quirks of Massachusetts? Well then, have I got a treat for you! Get ready to experience 75 side-splitting jokes that will have you falling in love with the Bay State all over again.

From wickedly clever puns about Boston accents to knee-slapping one-liners inspired by Dunkin’ Donuts, these jokes are top-notch entertainment. Stick around and let me show you firsthand how Massachusetts is hands down the funniest state in America!

List of Jokes About Massachusetts


jokes about massachusetts


1. Why did the cranberry farmer move to Massachusetts? Because he wanted to berry himself in work!
2. What did the Bostonian say to the lobster? “I’m shell-fish about how much I love you!”
3. Why did the golfer in Massachusetts bring two pairs of pants? In case he got a hole-in-one!
4. How do you know if someone is from Massachusetts? They pronounce it “Wor-chest-ah,” not “Worcester.”
5. What did the Massachusetts corn say to the butter? “You’re my better half!”
6. Why did the Massachusetts chef always carry a ladder? For high-pie-ne!
7. What did the Boston Marathon runner say when asked why he participated? “I like to run circles around the competition!”
8. Why did the lobster blush in Massachusetts? Because it saw the clam dressing!
9. How do Massachusetts natives like their tea? Bostonian!
10. Why did the traffic cone move to Massachusetts? It wanted to direct the “pahking”!
11. What did the Bostonian say to the sneezing clam? “Clam chowdah you doin’?”
12. Why did the Massachusetts football team go to the bakery? They wanted to get their “rolls” on!
13. How do you make a Massachusetts lobster laugh? Give it a good “crack-ah”!
14. What did the Massachusetts pirate say on Talk Like a Pirate Day? “Aye, I’m a scally-wag with a Boston brogue!”
15. Why did the corn refuse to leave Massachusetts? It was “stalk”ed by its fans!
16. How do Massachusetts residents catch fish? With their “Cape”abilities!
17. Why did the Massachusetts tourist bring a ladder to the beach? They wanted to climb the “Cahdinal”!
18. What’s a Bostonian’s favorite type of bread? Marathon!
19. Why did the Massachusetts politician open a bakery? To “dough” good for the community!
20. How do you calm a stressed-out Massachusetts clam? Gently say, “Rel-axe, dude!”

jokes about massachusetts


21. What’s a Massachusetts clam’s favorite TV show? “The Chowdah Files!”
22. Why did the Massachusetts chef win the cooking competition? They knew how to “bake” their case!
23. How do Massachusetts residents solve problems? With a “pahley” of solutions!
24. What did the Massachusetts oyster say to the pearl? “You’re the clam of my dreams!”
25. Why was the Massachusetts farmer always smiling? Because they were always “happ-yah”!
26. What did the Massachusetts pumpkin say at Halloween? “I’m gourd-geous and I know it!”
27. Why did the Massachusetts bird visit the dentist? It needed a “beak-ache”!
28. How do Massachusetts natives like their eggs? In a “Baaahston” omelet!
29. What did the Massachusetts tree say to the squirrel? “You’re nuts about me!”
30. Why did the Massachusetts basketball team always bring a ladder to the game? They wanted to “hoop” it up!
31. How do Massachusetts lobsters apologize? They say, “Clam-orry!”
32. Why was the Massachusetts pizza so good? Because it had the perfect “wicked” crust!
33. What did the Massachusetts grape say to the wine taster? “I’m crushed on you!”
34. Why did the Massachusetts student bring a ladder to the library? They wanted to reach the “high-lit” books!
35. How do Massachusetts residents solve puzzles? They “Salem”!
36. What did the Massachusetts tomato say to the lettuce? “Lettuce ketchup!”
37. Why did the Massachusetts artist paint only landscapes? Because they loved the “Mass-terpieces!”
38. How do Massachusetts residents cool down in the summer? With a “Mass-sive” ice cream cone!
39. What did the Massachusetts cookie say to the oven? “I’m baking here!”
40. Why did the Massachusetts musician go broke? They had too many “quah-dabrahs”!

jokes about massachusetts


41. How do Massachusetts natives measure time? In “Hahvahd” seconds!
42. Why did the Massachusetts football team have a bakery? They wanted to score “pastry” touchdowns!
43. What did the Massachusetts orange say to the lemon? “We make a “puck-ah” of a team!”
44. Why did the Massachusetts ghost become a comedian? They wanted to “haunt” people’s funny bones!
45. How do Massachusetts residents greet each other? With a “Cah-ramba!”
46. What did the Massachusetts snowman say to the sun? “Don’t be so melty on me!”
47. Why did the Massachusetts jogger bring a map on their run? They didn’t want to “Fenway”!
48. How do Massachusetts clams make decisions? They use “bi-valve” thinking!
49. What did the Massachusetts squirrel say to the tree? “I’m nuts about our relationship!”
50. Why did the Massachusetts computer go to therapy? It had a “hard drive”!
51. How do Massachusetts natives like their steak? With a “side-ah” of lobster!
52. What did the Massachusetts potato say to the chef? “Mash me up, baby!”
53. Why did the Massachusetts basketball player bring a ladder to the court? They wanted to shoot some “hoops”!
54. How do Massachusetts residents find their way in the dark? With a “Bos-ton” of intuition!
55. What did the Massachusetts cow say to the milkman? “You’re udderly amazing!”
56. Why did the Massachusetts comedian always tell seafood jokes? Because they liked to “shell-abrate” laughter!
57. How do Massachusetts natives express surprise? “Bah-ston”-ished!
58. What did the Massachusetts flower say to the bee? “You’re the pollen of my dreams!”
59. Why did the Massachusetts soccer team love the bakery? They scored “biscuit” goals!
60. How do Massachusetts residents enjoy their weekends? With a “Chowdah” movie marathon!

jokes about massachusetts


61. What did the Massachusetts bee say to the flower? “You’re the “bees-knees!”
62. Why did the Massachusetts astronaut bring a lobster to space? For a “crustacean” mission!
63. How do Massachusetts natives enjoy their ice cream? With a “Hahvahd” scoop!
64. What did the Massachusetts baseball team say to their fans? “We’re a wicked “grand-slam” time!”
65. Why did the Massachusetts tomato turn red? Because it saw the salad dressing!
66. How do Massachusetts residents exercise their dogs? With a “Park-our” routine!
67. What did the Massachusetts basketball say to the hoop? “I’m falling for you!”
68. Why did the Massachusetts ghost become a tour guide? They loved to give “boo-tours” of the city!
69. How do Massachusetts natives express admiration? “You’re “Wicked Pissah”!”
70. What did the Massachusetts squirrel say to the acorn? “You’re the “nut-thing” but the best!”
71. Why did the Massachusetts farmer always carry a ladder? For “high-tractor-nology”!
72. How do Massachusetts residents enjoy their coffee? With a “Bean-town” blend!
73. What did the Massachusetts pizza say to the delivery driver? “You’re the “saucy” MVP!”
74. Why did the Massachusetts chicken join a band? It had “beak”-tastic rhythm!
75. How do Massachusetts natives wish each other a good day? “Have a wicked “pissahtic” day!”




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