75 Hilarious Jokes About Graduation That Will Make Your Commencement Day Even Better

Hey there, are you feeling the countdown to graduation day yet? That mix of excitement and nerves as you prepare for a big milestone can be pretty overwhelming. But don’t sweat it! As someone who recently graduated myself, I totally get where you’re coming from. And guess what? I’ve got just the thing to make your commencement day even more unforgettable: 75 side-splitting jokes about graduation.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive into all kinds of humor – from silly dad jokes to clever one-liners that will have everyone in stitches. We know graduations can drag on forever, but armed with these witty quips, you’ll sail through the whole shebang like a pro. So sit back and relax as we celebrate the end of one journey and the beginning of another – with lots of laughter along the way!

List of Jokes About Graduation


jokes about graduation


1. Why did the scarecrow graduate from college? Because he was outstanding in his field!
2. What do you call a bookworm who graduates? A wise-cracker!
3. Why did the math book always graduate summa cum laude? Because it had so many problems solved!
4. Why did the computer graduate early? It had a lot of byte!
5. What do you say to a graduate who can’t find a job? “You’ll make a great barista!”
6. Why was the math book sad after graduation? It had too many imaginary friends!
7. What did the pencil say to the graduating student? “You made your mark!”
8. Why did the biology student graduate with honors? Because they kept their plants alive!
9. What did the graduate tomato say to the other tomato? “Catch you later! We’re both ripe for success!”
10. How do you know the diploma was well-behaved? It never got a single detention!
11. What’s the smartest type of wood? Grad-wood, because it’s always making the grade!
12. Why did the musician graduate early? They had perfect “note”-tendance!
13. How did the graduate astronaut throw a graduation party in space? They planned a “universal” celebration!
14. Why was the computer science major a great poet? They had a way with code!
15. What did the film student say after graduation? “That’s a wrap!”
16. How did the graduate volcano celebrate? It had an “erupt-ious” party!
17. Why was the book so proud of its graduation? It finally found its “cliff”-notes!
18. What do you call a graduate who becomes a chef? A culinary “master’s”!
19. How did the graduate frog celebrate? They hopped for joy!
20. Why was the graduate cellist always calm? They had great “cello-control”!

jokes about graduation


21. How did the graduate bee celebrate? With a “buzz”-worthy graduation party!
22. Why did the psychology student graduate early? They analyzed all the “classics”!
23. What did the light bulb say to the graduating student? “You brightened up the class!”
24. How did the graduate tree celebrate? It put on its “cap” and branches!
25. Why did the archaeology student throw a graduation party? They finally found their “sense” of accomplishment!
26. What did the ocean say to the graduating student? “Seas the day and make a splash in the world!”
27. How did the graduate duck celebrate? With a “quack”-tacular graduation ceremony!
28. Why did the graduate squirrel become a comedian? They had lots of “acorn”-y jokes!
29. What did the graduate kangaroo say to the other kangaroo? “Hoppy graduation!”
30. How did the graduate firework celebrate? It went out with a “bang”!
31. Why did the graduate bee receive a standing ovation? They were always “on fleek”!
32. What did the book say to the graduating student? “You’ve reached the final chapter!”
33. How did the graduate spider celebrate? By spinning a web of success!
34. Why was the graduate giraffe so popular? They always stood tall in their achievements!
35. What did the clock say to the graduating student? “It’s about time you graduated!”
36. How did the graduate squirrel celebrate? They climbed to new heights of success!
37. Why did the coffee cup congratulate the graduating student? They were brewing with success!
38. What do you call a graduate who loves gardening? A “bloom”-ing success!
39. How did the graduate snail celebrate? They took their time and enjoyed the journey!
40. Why did the chef graduate with honors? They had a “flour”-ishing career ahead!

jokes about graduation


41. What did the calculator say to the graduating student? “You can always count on me!”
42. How did the graduate monkey celebrate? They went bananas with joy!
43. Why was the graduate cat always purring? They had a degree in contentment!
44. What did the balloon say to the graduating student? “Soar high and reach for the sky!”
45. How did the graduate dolphin celebrate? They made a big splash with their achievements!
46. Why was the graduate owl considered wise? They aced all their exams with “owl”-standing grades!
47. What did the road say to the graduating student? “Congratulations on paving your way to success!”
48. How did the graduate lion celebrate? They roared with pride!
49. Why did the graduate fox become a detective? They were always sly-solving mysteries!
50. What did the basketball say to the graduating student? “You scored big in academics!”
51. How did the graduate elephant celebrate? With a trunk-ful of achievements!
52. Why was the graduate dolphin always smiling? They had a “fin”-tastic future ahead!
53. What did the smartphone say to the graduating student? “You’ve unlocked the key to success!”
54. How did the graduate horse celebrate? They galloped into a bright future!
55. Why did the graduate sheep become a musician? They always had a great “baa”-seline rhythm!
56. What did the mountain say to the graduating student? “You’ve reached the peak of success!”
57. How did the graduate owl celebrate? They stayed up all night to hoot their success!
58. Why did the graduate horse receive a standing ovation? They had a track record of excellence!
59. What did the cactus say to the graduating student? “Stick to your dreams and grow!”
60. How did the graduate penguin celebrate? They danced with delight on the ice!

jokes about graduation


61. Why did the graduate zebra become a referee? They always knew how to make the right “stripe” decisions!
62. What did the mirror say to the graduating student? “Reflect on your accomplishments and shine!”
63. How did the graduate pig celebrate? They had a “ham”-azing graduation feast!
64. Why did the graduate monkey join the circus? They were always “ape”-t at performing!
65. What did the flower say to the graduating student? “Blossom into greatness!”
66. How did the graduate lion celebrate? They ruled the kingdom of success!
67. Why did the graduate kangaroo become a teacher? They loved to “bounce” knowledge to others!
68. What did the telescope say to the graduating student? “You’ve reached for the stars and achieved greatness!”
69. How did the graduate penguin celebrate? They slid into the future with joy!
70. Why did the graduate elephant become an artist? They had a brush with success!
71. What did the GPS say to the graduating student? “You’ve reached your destination: success!”
72. How did the graduate giraffe celebrate? They stretched their neck out for a bright future!
73. Why did the graduate parrot become a public speaker? They had a way with words!
74. What did the flag say to the graduating student? “Wave your success proudly!”
75. How did the graduate turtle celebrate? Slowly and steadily, they crossed the finish line of success!



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